Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight Responds to Reported Workplace Issues

Nike co-founder Phil Knight responds to reported workplace issues of bullying and sexual harassment. Hear his thoughts here.

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Nike's found itself in the news quite often in the last few months in relation to a bevy of workplace bullying and harassment allegations. The fallout has led to the departure of up to 14 higher-ups including former brand president Trevor Edwards and produced internal responses from CEO Mark Parker, but the brand has yet to publicly address the situation—until now.

Co-founder Phil Knight spoke with CBS This Morning today, where he tackled the issue head-on when asked about his thoughts on the allegations levied against the Swoosh.

"Overall, how Nike’s doing is we’re doing fine, sales and earnings are growing," Knight said. "But we did have a shock within the last couple of months that a certain number of managers were bullying employees, and it was a shock to me personally and to a lot of the upper management. And it’s disappointing, as well as a shock, it’s very disappointing, but I am proud of the company in the way it responded to the problems that it saw, and it’s basically cleaning house for those people."

Elsewhere, Knight touches on his early days at the brand and what's in store for the future, including his latest outlook on the company's goal to reach $50 billion in sales by 2020.