The Other Big Sneaker Release this Month


The Nike Air Yeezy II may be dominating your news feed, but just because it’s the most tweeted sneaker release of the month, and pretty much all time, doesn’t mean it’s the best. So they’ve got faux-anaconda skin uppers, a glow-in-the-dark sole, and the Kanye cosign? Doesn’t mean they’re worthy of mass hysteria. Big-hype kicks rarely are. In fact, many of the dopest sneakers these days are either general release (Nike Free and Lunar collections, for instance), or almost entirely overlooked.

Meet the Nike Sportswear Mayfly Woven. Maybe you’ve seen leaked images kicking around the sneaker blogs, but likely you haven’t. It’s just one of the many special “NRG” releases from Nike that will come and go over the course of the summer while kids donate organs to raise some Yeezy scrill.

The original Nike Mayfly was a superlight running shoe designed to last for only a hundred kilometers (about 62 miles). Nike spared all unnecessary materials in favor of less weight and more speed. The result, a 4.8 ounce shoe that doesn’t last more than a couple of races.

Nike’s used woven uppers on shoes many times before—the Air Woven, the Woven Footscape, and the Woven Chukka just to name a few—but this one is a little different. The braided suede resembles a classic Mexican Huarache sandal more than it does an athletic shoe. The open weave makes it airy and comfortable to wear, it weighs practically nothing and looks good with cuffed chinos and no socks. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to find a pair, but if you do, you won’t have to pawn any of your mother’s jewelry to buy them. You gotta really stop doing that by the way. Your mom is starting to suspect something's up.

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