Nike's Bringing Back 3 Special Air Force 1s This Weekend

The "NYC," "Chi-Town," and "L.A." will see releases alongside limited-edition zines.

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The Nike Air Force 1 is back, although it never went away, and three nostalgic version have made their way onto the scene once again. After seeing limited distribution, shoes for Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles are set to see a wider release this weekend. But Nike isn't doing it any normal fashion, the brand is launching the sneakers in their respective cities along with special that zines that show how to wear these Air Force 1s in 2016.

The "Chi-Town" Air Force 1s (pictured below) will release tomorrow, Saturday, October 10, at Chicago's Saint Alfred. The zine is limited to 250 copies and features locals such as Derrick Carter, Mano and the Treated Crew, Joey Purp, Thelonious Martin, Knox Fortune, and KAMI of Save Money. Only 250 copies of the zine will be available.

Nike Air Force 1 Chicago 1
Nike Air Force 1 Chicago 3

The Nike Air Force 1 "L.A." saw its return at ComplexCon, but Undefeated is launching the sneakers tomorrow in-store and on its website, The zine for the sneakers features L.A. residents, including Left Brain of Odd Future.

Nike Air Force 1 LA 1
Nike Air Force 1 LA 2
Nike Air Force 1 LA 2

Lastly, the "NYC" Air Force 1, which first came out at Kith, is releasing at other retailers in the city tomorrow. For the release, Nike will tap into the city's vintage scene and has partnered up with NYC's seller of everything yesteryear cool, Procell. The zine gives a downtown view of New York's Uptown sneaker. The sneaker will release at multiple NYC shops, but the zine will only available at Procell.

Nike Air Force 1 NYC 1
Nike Air Force 1 NYC 2