Meet the Guy Who Nike Store Trolled in the Most Creative Way

This guy was trolled by Nike for asking for sneakers. This is his story.

Image via Twitter

Every Saturday morning, Nike Store's Twitter account's mentions are filled with people slandering the brand who missed out on whatever was released that day. One of those persistent folks is 23-year-old Charles Henderson, who lives in Mobile, Ala., and is more commonly known for his Twitter account, @est1991__.

It all started when Henderson initially tweeted on May 20, "How special you have to be to get gifts from nike like shoes and stuff."

Today he shared what he thought was Nike paying him back for consistently wanting to get a pair of the Nike Air Max 90 "Cork" or the "Oreo" Flyknit Racers. After receiving a package from Nike, Henderson was the butt of grade-A trolling from Nike. He did get blessed with Corks and Oreos, but only in the literal sense.

Henderson opened the box sent to him from Nike, only to find two packages of Oreos and a whole bunch of corks made for wine bottles. Along with these goodies was a framed print of the tweet he sent to Nike Store. 

To confirm its trolling, Nike Store tweeted back at Henderson: "Got eem."


How special you have to be to get gifts from nike like shoes and stuff 

— chozz (@Ch_ozz) May 20, 2015


Thanks soooo much @nikestore 😳😩🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

— chozz (@Ch_ozz) May 26, 2015


@Est1991__ Got eem.

— (@nikestore) May 26, 2015

I wanted to find out the real story behind this care package, so I reached out to Henderson. Here's his story.

Tell me what happened.

When the Air Max 90 "Corks" finally released, I missed out on them because I was at work. Ever since then, every time Nike Store tweets, I respond to them and say, “Not Oreos, not Corks.” One day I tweeted, and said, “How special do you need to receive gifts or free shoes from Nike, Inc.?” I guess they saw it and got my address through my IP address or my Twitter, because my Twitter has the same email address as my Nike account. I guess they got tired of me saying, “Not Oreos, not Corks,” and I thought they sent me the Air Max "Corks" or the "Oreo" Racers. I saw the box, and it said I opened it and saw a whole bunch of corks, then I dug through it and saw the Oreos and the plaque.

How often do you get sneakers from Nike Store?

I’m pretty good at getting sneakers from, if I’m not at work. The only thing I use is a fast server. I don’t use bots, and I don’t believe in them. My Internet is real fast. It costs a lot of money. I spend a $150 a month. I don’t pay that much every month. But if I think there’s a lot of heat dropping, I’ll pay for the Internet. If not, I’ll just get the sneakers from the local store.