Kendrick Lamar Officially Has a Sneaker Endorsement Deal With Reebok

Reebok debuted its latest campaign that features its newest signee, Kendrick Lamar.

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Kendrick Lamar is the latest music artist to land a sneaker endorsement deal.

Tonight, it was made official that the Compton rapper would be joining the Reebok Classics squad. The news was revealed by Reebok, who debuted a new campaign centered around Kendrick titled "I Am." In the video, Kendrick takes you through his city in a pair of Reebok Ventilators, while reciting a powerful verse.


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For Kendrick, it's a partnership that makes sense as he revealed to Reebok that he's been a fan of the brand since he was in 7th grade.

"The shoe became popular when Cash Money Records hit the scene," he said. "Everybody wanted to wear 'Tee Bo's and Ree's' as the Hot Boys would put it. White Tee, Jabo Jeans, and Reebok Classics."

The Grammy-nominated artist has been known to rock with Nike, especially the Cortez, a staple piece in the Los Angeles area. For Complex's August/September issue, Kendrick wore Roshes. Going forward, it looks like we can expect nothing but Reeboks from the rapper.

To kick off the partnership, Kendrick will be featured in campaigns to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Ventilator model. His capsule collection, which will include limited-edition Ventilator styles, is set to launch June 2015.

Kendrick joins a Reebok Classics roster that's led by super producer Swizz Beatz, who serves as the Classics creative director.

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