NBA TV's 'The Association' Heads to Brooklyn

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First it was the Lakers, then the Celtics, followed by the Nuggets. Now, NBA TV’s ‘The Association’ is set to document the Brooklyn Nets.

As the NBA version of NFL Hard Knocks, ‘The Association’ is an acclaimed television series that spotlights a different basketball franchise throughout the course of each season. This time around, the documentary series will hit the streets of Brooklyn, NY, as the Nets get ready to debut their new arena and new-look squad (amongst other things).

Powered ahead by the impressive ownership of Mikhail Prokhorov and Brooklyn’s own, Jay-Z, the Nets will attempt to get back to winning basketball, something the Nets of New Jersey couldn’t quite figure in the last decade or so. The Nets have made a lot of moves in anticipation of this moment. It’s time for Brooklyn to establish itself as a premiere team in the NBA.

Whether you like the Nets or not, ‘The Association’ definitely falls under the can’t-miss category. Tune in on October 16th for the tip-off.


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