Palace Teases Its Upcoming Reebok Classics Collab (Video)


Palace is re-upping with Reebok Classics on another collab. The London-based skate brand debuted a teaser for the latest project on its blog, and it looks like we can expect to more on December 27.

Just like how Palace previewed its last Reebok collection- this teaser gets the VHS treatment, but with a mindmelting, spacey look. The silhouette of a blank, nondescript sneaker flashes quick on the screen, and leaves the viewer guessing to what the kicks will be. The last collection featured a pair of Workout Lows, which closely resembles the slim shape of that's displayed in this feature. Either way, everyone will have to wait until the holiday season—or hopefully sooner—to see what one of the dopest skate brands cooked up.