Kevin Durant's Favorite NBA 2K Player Is Not Kevin Durant?

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Kevin Durant has never been one to talk himself up, even when it comes to video games.

Possibly the most humble guy in all of sports, Kevin Durant will never toot his own horn, if you need an example just watch his MVP acceptance speech. Durant graces the cover of the upcoming NBA 2K15, and hit up the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to do some promo.

Durant is an avid gamer and has been playing 2K games for the last 15 years, but it may surprise you who he plays with. Jimmy asked Fallon if he plays as himself, and KD gave the only answer you would expect him to give, "no, that's just arrogant".

Yes, you heard that right, KD plays as King James. Maybe he was just playing up to the crowd, or maybe he just likes the cheat codes 2K throws at Bron every year. We just hope the challenge Jimmy laid out to KD actually comes true.


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