Michael Jordan Wanted Blake Griffin For 'Space Jam 2'

Before LeBron James was confirmed to star in the upcoming 'Space Jam 2' film, Michael Jordan wanted Blake Griffin for the leading role.

Back in 2016, as rumors for Space Jam 2 began to circulate that included LeBron James starring in the film, Michael Jordan was asked at a basketball camp who he'd pick to play the leading role. His choice to headline the sequel was Jordan Brand-endorsed athlete Blake Griffin.

In the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping, Griffin was asked by host Joe La Puma about his reaction upon hearing Jordan's support for the role. "It was pretty cool, I got to be honest. Watching that movie growing up, it's cool to get his seal of approval." He even revealed that he once had a Space Jam-themed birthday party. "We rented Space Jam and watched it and played basketball—and the cake was Space Jam-themed." 

While Griffin says he's interested to see how the film plays out with James, he admits, "I would've loved to have a crack at it."

Space Jam 2 was officially confirmed last year to star James and Bugs Bunny, with producer Ryan Coogler and director Terence Nance leading the charge behind the scenes.

Check out the latest Sneaker Shopping episode with Blake Griffin in its entirety above.