DJ Khaled Previews the Next Air Jordan Collaboration

Next month's Trophy Room x Air Jordan 16 retro lands in the hands of DJ Khaled ahead of its release date.

Trophy Room Air Jordan 16 DJ Khaled

Hats off to DJ Khaled, the leveled-up entertainer who managed to become a global icon over the past two years off the strength of his Snapchat channel. He's parlayed that status into more exclusive shoes than ever, with his Jordan Brand connection running particularly deep. So deep, in fact, that he already has a pair of the Trophy Room x Air Jordan 16.

Khaled showed off the sneakers on his Instagram today, confirming the Nov. 5 release date despite Trophy Room proprietor Marcus Jordan seeming unsure lately if the shoes were going to release on that day after all. Jordan also posted the below video with Khaled and the shoes.

11/5‼️ If you haven't seen the @TrophyRoomStore IG story, check out the BTS footage before it's gone📽🏆‼️ #TROPHYROOM #XVI #BLEUFRANÇAIS

According to Jordan's tweets, this shoe will retail for $275 and is exclusive to Trophy Room.

Trophy Room started its existence off this summer with a duo of Air Jordan 23 collaborations that quickly sold out and now fetch well over retail on the secondary market.