Did Steph Curry Leave Nike Because They Got His Name Wrong?

Steph Curry touches briefly on the story about Nike getting his name wrong and how it impacted his choice to leave the brand.

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According to a 2016 report from ESPN about Steph Curry's decision to leave Nike for Under Armour, a botched presentation from the Swoosh helped convince Curry to pack his bags. It was reported that in a 2013 pitch to get Curry to stay with the brand, a Nike official mispronounced his first name as "Steph-on" and even had Kevin Durant's name on one of their slides, which Curry's team took as indicators that Nike hadn't properly prepared.

Curry himself finally chimed in on the moment in a brief interview on the Dan Patrick Show, more or less confirming its validity.

"That's been written, I think it might be true," Curry says when asked about Nike getting his name wrong. He goes on to say that he was "a little" bothered by it.

ESPN's report on Curry's leaving Nike for Under Armour mentions a handful of other motivating factors, including the influence of his daughter Riley.