Fear of God x Nike Confirmed by Jerry Lorenzo

Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo says he has a Nike collaboration releasing in 2018.

Jerry Lorenzo
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Jerry Lorenzo

Jerry Lorenzo

What collaborations does Nike have in store for 2018? Jerry Lorenzo, the designer behind red-hot streetwear label Fear of God, said on social media that he is working with the brand in the new year.

Lorenzo referenced a collaboration to come on his Instagram, where he wrote that he would be doing "no more Vans" and instead working with the Swoosh in 2018. It's unclear whether that comment means the project alluded to will be billed as Fear of God x Nike or Jerry Lorenzo x Nike, or whether sneakers are involved.

Jerry Lorenzo Nike

The Vans comment was in response to a question about whether his Fear of God x Vans sneakers would be restocking that was no doubt prompted by rumors of the product releasing again at PacSun soon. Lorenzo released sneakers with Vans in 2016 and 2017.

Early rumors have Lorenzo's Nike work releasing in April 2018. The designer had hinted about such a collaboration on his social media channels before, posting about traveling to Beaverton, where Nike's headquarters is located, and calling this picture of Virgil Abloh's Prestos "foreshadowing."

UPDATE 12/29: Lorenzo has since deleted the Instagram post where he originally left the comment screenshotted above. He also addressed reactions to the comment, suggesting on Twitter that a Fear of God x Nike collaboration is not yet confirmed.

instagram comments are not “confirmations” or “announcements”

Lorenzo's deleting his original statement aside, there is still plenty of evidence to suggest that he has something with Nike releasing soon. Rumors about such a collab have circulated for some time now, and the clues left on social media are ample.

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