Converse Makes NBA Sneakers Out of Actual Jerseys

Converse Chuck Taylors made of NBA jerseys to release on Sept. 29.

Converse NBA Sneakers 1

Image via Nike News

Converse NBA Sneakers 1

Nike Inc. will further flex its new NBA apparel deal by liberally applying team imagery and themes to a giant pack of sneakers from subsidiary Converse. The new Converse NBA collection, releasing on Sept. 29, is made up of the Gameday, Legend, and Franchise versions of the shoe.

The Converse Chuck '70 NBA Gameday sneakers, which are individually numbered and limited to 250 pairs per style, are made of authentic NBA jerseys and use embossed NBA logos.

The Converse Chuck '70 NBA Legend style—made in Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers and NY Knicks colorways—comes with a leather upper that Nike says is "for the sophisticated fan."

Rounding out the offering is the Converse Chuck SE NBA Franchise, representing 13 teams with embroidered logos and screen-printed details on the shoes' uppers.

Converse will also release a set of official NBA apparel alongside these sneakers. The shoes and apparel can be seen in more detail at Nike News here.

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