This feature is one of a two-part series that pulls back the curtain on the daily grind of some of Complex’s most popular hosts. Inspired by Java Monster, we find out what fuels their hustle and helps them power through each day with a take-no-prisoners attitude.  

Joe La Puma is always on the go. From sunrise to sunset and from coast to coast, the Complex veteran is all about the grind. Even when he’s not filming episodes of his hit YouTube series Sneaker Shopping or recording the Complex Sneakers Podcast, JLP is on the hunt for new kicks or simply discussing his affinity for dope footwear. That’s exactly what he did during a recent Good Morning America segment, where JLP discussed everything from his picks for sneaker of the year to his viral interview with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.  

It’s the kind of flex that comes with being one of the most trusted voices in sneaker culture and also what fuels his drive. On any given day, JLP could be conducting an interview, hopping on a plane, jumping on a virtual conference call, or dealing with the rigors of content production. The Long Island native admits that it’s hard to stay motivated after the first half of the day is over, but he finds ways to power through. A fan of coffee that’s on the sweeter side, he can appreciate Java Monster Mean Bean as a good midday pick-me-up. 

In between shoots in LA for the latest season of Sneaker Shopping, JLP took some time out from his busy schedule to reveal the soundtrack to his mornings, how his sweet tooth impacts his coffee, and what he’s learned about himself during quarantine.