It was once a top-secret project with the potential to spark a family rift and sink one of the world's top sneaker brands. Decades later, it's one of the history's most iconic sneakers, beloved in sports, music and culture. The sneaker is the adidas Superstar, and this is how it came to be. 

With a catalogue spanning track and field sport specialties, Adidas was dominating the footwear market in 1950s Germany. The brand knew a booming market awaited in the United States, but the country's post-war 'buy American' message was resonating with the public, and it would take something special for a German brand to make inroads in the American market.

What happened next included family secrets, decades-long product development, a young Pat Riley, NY streetball, RUN-DMC, and more.

Catch the video above to get the full story about the adidas Superstar, presented by Foot Locker and The Weekly Drop.