Since its inception in 1967, the Clark Originals Maple Suede Wallabee has become one of the most celebrated silhouettes of a generation. This season, the cult classic has been reintroduced by Clarks with an accompanying editorial film for A/W 2020 entitled Priory Boy.

Featuring former PAQ presenter Danny Lomas in a pensive, 11-minute film, the timeless classic is showcasesd as part of an editorial detailing the influence of The Priory menswear store in Bridlington, Yorkshire. 

Despite shutting down in 2018, the shop and its staff cherished the Wallabee as a formative piece of their style, with the unisex shoe informing Lomas' personal sense of style after working in the store back in 2014.

Just like how it's been adopted in an array of subculutres across the world, the Clarks Originals Wallabee was the adopted shoe of choice for the ‘Priory Boy’ style and one of the first to be stocked at the shop. The accompanying film, directed by Jordan Rason, goes beyond spotlighting the Wallabee itself, with the visuals highlighting how a small independent retailer from a coastal town can have a huge impact on a local community.

Check out the 'Priory Boy' lookbook and film below and purchase the Clarks Originals Maple Suede Wallabee here.

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