Black Noir is a silent assassin, but his worldly piano playing and refined tastes will also sneak up on you. It’s those quiet ones you have to watch out for. Fittingly, his sneaker has all-black details on the toe box and top back panel. The swoosh has a gun metal color matching that on his suit. On the sole, as with all the sneakers, you’ll find the superhero staring back.

Man’s best friend is also Billy Butcher’s ride or die. Terror has an adorable face, much like our stylish all-around black leather look, and both have red on the tongue they like to flaunt.

Although Terror didn’t make much of an appearance in Season 1, we see more of Butcher’s dog in Season 2. Who doesn’t love a superhero pet sidekick painted on a shoe? Terror’s comes in all-around black leather with red lettering.