I grew up a huge Michael Jordan fan, and his shoes were one of the biggest things an everyday kid could attain to “be like Mike.” My first pair was an OG pair of Playoff 12s, which I broke out during an elementary school basketball tournament, and the rest is history. The thing I love most about the scene is the creative and innovative platform that sneakers can be for anyone to showcase their individuality, from Tinker Hatfield to a kid just getting into it. There’s always something fresh and exciting just around the corner, which I always look forward to.

I’m more of an introvert by nature so self-quarantining hasn’t had too much of an impact so far. The biggest individual sacrifice would be that, at most, I get to break out my shoes maybe a couple of times a week instead of daily. But, in a general sense, I think people have been a lot more cautious about their buying habits, with job security and our economy at risk. Likewise, retailers are obviously pushing their product through their online channels where possible, at often heavily discounted prices to survive these tough times.

Image via Sean Go