I initially got into sneakers by seeing athletes like Jordan doing insane things wearing them. From free-throw line dunks to mid-air hand switches, these shoes were front and centre for all the big moments. You have Vince in the Shox BB4 jumping over a seven-footer, Kobe dropping 81 in the Kobe 1, and, more recently, PJ Tucker going crazy with it too. You always emulate and idolize these athletes, so of course you want the shoes to go with it.

I'm blessed to be working from home [while in quarantine] and still living a pretty normal life, minus seeing people and going out. But, I'm an introvert, so being low-key isn't hard for me. I did a sneaker podcast (Canada Got Sole's True To Size) over Facebook video, so that was different. Aside from that, I’m just trying to exercise, keep my mind sharp, and resist snacking every hour.

Even though someone bought a pair [of sneakers] from me on StockX the other day, I would assume the resell market has taken a hit with all the layoffs and shutdowns happening. Discretionary income is likely lower and people are focusing more on essentials (as they should). All the focus has gone to online drops, so it's more important than ever for businesses to have a strong e-commerce team in place.

Image via Philip Dos Santos