Locations: Online/app

Selling process: To sell on GOAT, you need to apply. Once you become an authorized seller, you can list your shoes online. If a sale is made, you will ship the shoes to GOAT for them to be authenticated. Once everything checks out, the money will be deposited to you.

Fee: $5 in the U.S. $12 in United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany. $15 in Hong Kong. $20 in Canada, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Spain, and Denmark. $25 in Guam. $30 for the rest of the world. There is also a 9.5 percent commission fee. This fee can increase to 15 percent and as high as 25 percent for canceled orders due to “replicas, wrong size, wrong shoe, wrong condition, uncommon manufacturing defects not mentioned.” For each seller cancelation, 10 points are also deducted from their seller rating. The commission fee can also increase incrementally depending on that seller rating.

Payment process: Once the sneakers are verified, the money will be credited to your GOAT account, which you can use to buy sneakers or you can cash out.

Pros: The selling process, as well as the payment, are quick and easy. It’s all done through your phone, so the only thing you need to do is ship the sneaker. Once you’re verified, you can sell new or used sneakers with or without a box. They also launched a program where they clean your sneakers for you. Items are cross listed with Flight Club.

Cons: You need to be verified to use the program, so it may not be the easiest or quickest way to sell your shoes. The company says it’s verifying sellers in small batches.