Three Stripes shifts the scope to our ever-evolving digital cultures as they team up with 032c on an exclusive footwear and accessory lineup.

Two of Germany's fashion industry leaders - adidas and 032c - have come together for an exploration of futuristic realism, looking specifically at our experiences within digital culture, the volatility of online landscapes, and our physical environments. In realising this concept, both brands put the focus on adaptability and function. For the footwear component of the collaboration 032c x adidas deliver the 'Salvation' with inspiration seemingly pulled from the adidas FYW S-97 and military spec GSG 9 boot, melding the two for a tactile aesthetic. Rounding off the collection is the 032c backpack, duffel and multi-strap side bag, each of which is finished in all-black with reinforced straps and metal loop hardware.

Speaking on the relationship between both brand's, 032c's apparel creative director Maria Koch said: “We have always been inspired by adidas. We grew up on and in adidas, in fact, so on a personal level that legacy is embedded in our approach to sportswear, to youth culture, and to how sportswear can act as a counter-cultural catalyst.”

Check out selects from the collaboration's lookbook below, featuring actress Lera Abova and artist Yngve Holen, shot by Timothy Schaumburg on the Baltic Sea coastline north of Berlin. 032c x adidas is available now via adidas and select global retailers.

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