Jeff Staple is a certified vet in the sneaker game. You know the rep, from the Pigeon SBs in 2004 to the Pandas in 2018, but at Hype DC presents The Weekly Drop Live, we decided to dig a little deeper. 

Filmed at Hype DC's QV (Melbourne) store, The Weekly Drop Live with Jeff Staple is a journey through the lesser-known stories of Jeff Staple's career; his early days traveling Japan for The Fader, pulling back the curtain on Louis Vuitton's secret society, and designing fake copies of the New York Times for Mark Parker. 

The lucky sneakerheads in the audience were also treated to Staple's thoughts on the future of Supreme, the rise of consignment stores, and the tremendous weight on Virgil Abloh's shoulders.

Catch the video above, and keep an eye on The Weekly Drop's Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on the next Hype DC presents The Weekly Drop Live event.