The first slice of a new two-part episode of Complex Closets, featuring Lil Yachty and a mansion-friendly collection of rare footwear, debuted Monday.

About five minutes into the proceedings with host Joe La Puma, Yachty calmly whipped out a pair of the Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Jaspers, effectively sending myself and other longtime Yeezy fans into another existential crisis. "I want you to see this bottom," Yachty said of the shoe, which he bought for $5,000. "I could lick it, you know what I'm saying? But then this would be R-rated. This is the most beautiful ugly shoe I've ever seen in my life."

Elsewhere, Yachty showed off some even more painfully rare shoes. We're talking shoes that are so rare, in fact, that trying to Google your way into owning a pair of your own is an entirely futile task. Take, for example, the Air Seinfelds. "What the fickity fuck?" Yachty said when unveiling the shoe, which is said to have been specially made for the Seinfeld Crew back in the mid 90s. "I think my episode is going to have the most cuss words ever used because I'm just so excited to show you guys my fuckin' swag. The shoes were only released to the show's crew. These shoes are four years older than me. Look at the tips . . . You can't even Google these."

Catch the full episode, which also includes a look at a special Scrubs-celebrating pair of Nikes, up top. Part two drops next week.