It's long been a contention of many women who are into sneakers that brands don't cater to them the right way. They either don't make the hype product available in their sizes or just "shrink it and pink it," which means that retro product is often splattered with bright colors and glittery finishes. But now that's all starting to change, thanks to brands taking a vested interest in female consumers.

Highsnobiety recently took a deep dive into the topic and spoke to a few female sneakerheads to get their take on why this is happening.

"For a long time, brands seemed to assume that girls don’t have the same knowledge, or understanding of the product, as boys," says brand consultant Selma Kaci. "But this attitude is definitely starting to change, with the arrival of women in key, leadership roles, at brands like PUMA, adidas and Nike."

In recent times, Jordan Brand has released a women's-only collection and given collaborations to the likes of Aleali May. Speaking to Highsnobiety, Andrea Perez, who's the Vice President of Jordan Brand's women's business, says, "We look to partner with brands and individuals such as Aleali – who authentically connect to Jordan Brand and the community. [Aleali] inspires young women to stay true to themselves without limitations.”

Other women such as Rihanna, Vashtie, Claw Money, Sheryl Swoopes, and more have all played key roles in bringing women to the forefront in sneaker culture and this is only the beginning. Read the rest of the story here.

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