Mabel was always going to be a star. With a father, Cameron McVey, who produced records for everyone from Massive Attack to Sugababes and a mother, Neneh Cherry, with fierce bars and an arrestingly soulful voice, Mabel is blessed with a versatile sound and a stylistic panache, which is both heard throughout her music and seen in the alluring prowess in which she carries herself.

As a Spanish-born Londoner – with immediate family hailing from Sweden – Mabel’s multicultural blend of R&B represents the progressive voice of young London. While the political climate in the UK post-Brexit breeds isolationism and a suspicion of multiculturalism, Mabel’s story epitomizes what young London is all about, and runs in direct opposition to that trend.

Moving to London helped her find her most natural groove, she says, “There’s more freedom in London. Without thinking, I embraced all the sounds and styles I’d tried to suppress.” The city’s style tropes resonated with the way she wanted to express herself, with Mabel donning high-waisted sweats and puffer coats or oversize denim and sport jackets along with the Converse One Star, a silhouette that mirrors the right blend of heritage and non-conformity Mabel looks out for when putting together a fit.