Streetwear and sneaker resale store Stadium Goods recently entered a partnership with luxury goods corporation LVMH, according to WWD. Parent company to brands like Louis Vuitton, CÉLINE, and Fendi, it launched the LVMH Luxury Ventures arm of its vast business in 2017 to grab stakes in emerging luxury brands, and backing New York's Stadium Goods is among the first move of many, though it's not clear what the nature of the partnership entails.

On its own, Stadium Goods has seen tremendous growth within the last few years, opening up its own shop in SoHo in 2015. Founded by Jed Stiller and John McPheters, the brand has worked with e-commerce giants like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba to spread even further, in addition to the brick & mortar stop on Howard St. 

According to McPheters, the company was on track to do over $100 million in gross merchandise long before LVMH came into the mix, and it's likely they saw the endless potential that comes along with both the digital and in-person contingent of their business. While much of the Stadium Goods business happens online, the SoHo store has been an important marketing tool to further solidify the brand for more than just sneakerheads, with many of our own Sneaker Shopping episodes being shot there. Late last year, we sat down with co-founder John McPheters on Blueprint to find out just how he built the sneaker consignment empire Stadium Goods is today.

“A good reason for us being able to grow so consistently is the storytelling we are able to do from our location,” McPheters told WWD. “It helps people know who we are and who they are interacting with.” Most recently, the founders launched an app that will provide users with sale access and notifications so they never miss out on deals and new items from brands like Supreme, Palace, Adidas, and Nike. Prior to news of the backing, the founders previously told WWD that there might be a second physical location of the store in the works, but they're keeping quiet on any further details.