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A-COLD-WALL* founder Samuel Ross presents his take on the ultimate streetwear staple, the Nike Air Force 1.

The deconstructed and reduced design draws parraells with the unfinished yet precise aesthetic championed by A-COLD-WALL*.

First seen in January at Ross' London Fashion Week Presentation, the shoe serves as a reflection of British street culture - Ross commented “Growing up with the culture, it wasn't something I was very conscious of but it was a feature of it: You always had the Nike tracksuit with the Air Force 1.”

Ross' take on the Air Force 1 draws attention to the distinctive elements of the shoe, highlighting the silhouettes individual components through subtle in colour and texture. Nikes iconic branding is stripped back, reverting the lateral swoosh to stitched detailing.

“I didn’t want to overwhelm people with information. I wanted to take things away and move things around so as to be very sensitive to the individual elements of the original design,” explains Ross.

The Nike AF1 A-COLD-WALL* is available October 21 exclusively at the A-COLD-WALL* pop-up in London, with the address of the event to follow via Instagram this week. 

All Images via Nike