Age: 39
Location: Costa da Caparica, Portugal
Years collecting New Balance: 15

Which sneaker did you design and why?
My main focus with collecting New Balance is getting the vintage sneakers. The one I was missing from the original 1500s that were made in the UK was the white/blue version. I didn’t want to do that specific version, but I wanted to do a take on that. My favorite color is green and it means a lot to me, because it’s the color of my football team, Sporting Lisbon. It’s made from different materials, but it respects the original shoes that were made in Flimby. On the back of the shoes it says, “Sempre Juntos.” In Portuguese that means “always together.” It refers to the relation I have with the brand, the love I have for my family, and the left and the right shoe are always together. It’s kind of funny and meaningful.

How does it feel to get this opportunity?
It feels surreal. I’ll realize when I’m back home, chilling and relaxed. It’s still happening for us. It’s amazing. It feels special to be here for the 35th anniversary of Flimby.