Age: 38
Location: Philadelphia
Years collecting New Balance: 20+

Which sneaker did you design and why?
I stuck with the O.G. grey color. I wanted to pay homage. Grey is my favorite color, and it’s the classic New Balance color. So I stuck with that to pay homage to the classic New Balances. I threw in some black and yellow in there to honor a different anniversary, too. I thought I could take both ideas and mesh them into one shoe without making them too loud or crazy, but still making them wearable. It turned out how I imagined it in my head.

How does it feel to get this opportunity?
It’s overwhelming. Tiring. Humbling. It’s fun. Hanging out with awesome people. Drinking a lot of beers. Drinking a lot of tea. Eating British food. More important than the shoe itself was meeting everybody here.