Innovation is at the heart of Nike's latest release and to celebrate that value, experimental photographer Olly Burn brought his unique flair to London: ON AIR.

The photographer hosted a series of workshops at The Studio – a collaborative space in the heart of London – which gave the next generation of creatives an opportunity to experiment with photography for the first time both in the studio and on the street.

Olly was tasked with creating an aesthetic that defined the values of the new Nike Air VaporMax and explaining his workshop, he said:

"I broke my workshop down into three elements: collaborating, communicating and experimenting. We put everyone in pairs, most likely with a completely stranger, and made them work together in-front of and behind the camera.

In the studio, our work was about movement and light. We used flash with a long exposure, so as the lights move through you get the type of colourful trails you can see in our shots. When it works it looks amazing.

We did it as a test in my studio a few weeks ago and I’m blown away by how good the results are from those who attended these workshops, some of whom might not have picked up a camera.

The aesthetic fits the Nike Air VaporMax because the lights create a sense of translucency and motion, two of the sneaker’s core values."

Have a look at the outstanding results below.