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Reebok Classic have linked up with South East London rapper Jesse James Solomon to release a new short film looking at the brand and its links to style, music and subcultures. The film, directed by Bolton born film maker Antony Crook in partnership with Radar Radio, shows Reebok's central role in British subcultures. Mixing archive footage from the late '90s and UK Garage with a performance from Jesse James Solomon, the short film was shot across London.

To go with the film, legendary photographer Ewen Spencer shot a selection of images of the Radar Radio crew during the making of the film. "I think Classics are relevant now probably because there’s an authenticity that probably doesn’t exist now - in the same way as it did in that era." said Spencer, "So I think people might want to be searching for something with that kind of conation - like a 90’s sort of casual working class culture or a rude boy sort of culture from the 90’s if you like."

As well as the film featuring Jesse James Solomon and Ewen Spencer's accompanying photographs, you can read our interview with Jesse here, and Ewen here.