Skip Bayless is known for taking a strong stance on anything and never backing down, no matter how outrageous his takes may be. While Bayless might not be the biggest footwear enthusiast, but he still is ready to speak his mind on sneakers, which makes him perfect to be the next guest on Complex' Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma.

Skip and Joe connected at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talked about the things that matter to the star Undisputed on Fox Sports: LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and, surprisingly, Jordan Futures, the brand's lightweight lifestyle sneaker, of which Bayless says he's addicted to. The heart of the debate, though, is when Bayless compares LeBron's sneaker legacy to Jordan's and whether he'll ever catch up to The Greatest Basketball Player Ever.

To see what Bayless purchased (as well as hot his takes were) watch the episode above.