Reselling has become a dirty word, according to Stadium Goods co-founder John McPheters, and he's looking to clean up the process with his store and platform for selling sneakers on the secondary market. His business has been able to partner with Nike, held events with DJ Khaled, and most recently received $4.6M in funding and list Mark Cuban as a partner/adviser. It's safe to say that he knows a thing or two about flipping shoes.

McPheters stopped by the Complex office to not only explain how him and his team were able to secure the funding for Stadium Goods, but also what the future of what it's like to run a successful consignment shop in 2017. It requires giving a great customer experience, knowing what consumers want right now, and creating the right partnerships. That's exactly what McPheters and company have been able to do with Stadium Goods.

To find out what other advice he has for people looking to get into the consignment business, watch the video above.