Recently, 28-year old man named Tyree repeatedly visited a Sun Valley Champs Sports store to look at the same pair of Jordan Dub Zero sneakers, but left them at the register every time because he couldn't afford the $160 price tag. Employee Fernando Oliva and his co-workers took notice of Tyree's fascination with the shoes and decided to swing an act of kindness in his direction.

When Tyree showed up to the store again, he was invited to try the Jordans on one more time. However, this time, Oliva let him keep the sneakers because the Champs team had raised enough money to buy them for him. Additionally, they hooked him up with some matching gear.

"I just gave him the shoes and he tried them on and he asked: 'How much are they?' I said: 'They are $160, but don't worry about it, just try them on,' and that's when we surprised him," Oliva told ABC 7 News.

Champs employees caught the moment Tyree was given the shoes, which you can see in the video above.


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