Michael Jordan first wore the Air Jordan XI that would eventually be dubbed the "Space Jams" in the 1995 NBA Playoffs, before Space Jam was even filmed. The only reason they’re not called the Playoffs is because Jordan’s Bulls did the unthinkable, falling to Shaq and Penny’s Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Semis. Over the summer, Jordan worked harder than ever on his game, once again indisputably becoming the best player in the world—and filmed a little movie starring some of his animated best friends from Warner Bros. He wore those black and Concord Jordan XIs once again as he took on the Monstars, and they forever became the Space Jams. Since then they’ve been released three times, in 2000, 2009 and this year, each time capturing the imaginations of a new fanbase. True, he didn’t win a championship or a dunk contest in these, but he did keep Bugs Bunny and friends free from intergalactic servitude. That’s gotta count for something. This year’s release was the truest to the originals, from the Concord trim to the white-edged patent leather. That didn’t hurt either. Russ Bengtson