Year released: 2007

Music, sport, and footwear renaissance man Bobbito Garcia was the first to write a real article on U.S. sneaker culture back in 1991, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. Bob was there when the AF1 dropped the first time, having actually played in a pair of the things. He was also an early customizer of the sneaker and has been a longtime champion of the design. That means he had a platonic ideal in mind when it came to colorways, which meant he got a one-of-one version back in the 1990s — an incredible gum-soled Low with a burgundy swoosh. He had some other ideas too, and an entire Bobbito pack dropped in 2007, with three perfect Lows and four incredible Highs — this tribute to the “Beef & Broc” Timberland Field Boot is very Brooklyn and very necessary. Letting a real connoisseur of this model work on it pays dividends — Mayor’s Strawberry Nesquik Bespokes and Clark Kent’s 112 versions (which he somehow managed to get price capped at $112) also deserve to be mentioned.