Legends never die, which is why your favorite Js, Huaraches, and adidas Originals deserve to live forever. Older yet more cherished sneakers have a new lease on life thanks to Reshoevn8r, a company who’s changing the kick care game.

Rotations everywhere are expanding as more and more people are using Reshoevn8r products to keep their vintage kicks crisp and clean. Exposure to rain, mud, and toddler birthday parties is no longer an excuse to store away your Air Force Ones. Reshoevn8r removes all the scuffs from your shoes and provides them with an out-of-the-box level of freshness.

For an extensive list of products, such as the standard Sneaker Laundry System and the Advanced 3-Brush System, check out Reshoevn8r's website. There you’ll also find helpful how-to vids and a locator map indicating where Reshoevn8r products are sold across the country. You can even cop custom tees that’ll look great with any new–or refurbished–pair of kicks.