The Adidas NMD is the hottest sneaker on the resell market right now, and the brand just upped that ante by releasing a New York City-only pair of the shoe that was limited to 200 pairs. The "Red Apple" NMD was only available on the Adidas Confirmed app this week to people within the five boroughs and guess what? They're being re-sold for nearly $2,000.

EBay shows that multiple pairs have been sold so far, with the highest going for $1,999, which was a size 10.5. It comes as no surprise that these sneakers are being resold already: every NMD that has released so far has ended up on the secondary market at one time or another, but it also shows how strong the sneaker is at the moment. 

Adidas NMD "Red Apple" on eBay

It's no secret that the hunger for wildly available Air Jordans has come to a slowing halt at resell stores, but the more-limited pairs are still selling for decent money: The "Wings" Air Jordan XIIs are hovering around $1,000 at Stadium Goods. Adidas, however, hadn't seen a consistent buzz amongst resellers until the release of the Yeezy Boost line and now the NMD.

“We’re selling some of the more expensive, Primeknit pairs, but we’re selling a lot of the lower-price point sneakers, too. We see a huge demand for it,” John McPheters, co-owner of Stadium Goods, a reselling marketplace in New York City, told Complex earlier this year.

The "Red Apple" NMD isn't the only version of the sneaker that's being resold for large sums of money. The recent "Pitch Black" NMD, which was limited to 500 pairs, with only 100 being available to the public, has a sold listing of $7,000 on eBay.

adidas NMD "Pitch Black" eBay

It begs to ask the question: If the Yeezys were this limited, would they surpass the price of these hard-to-get NMDs? Or is the NMD really the hottest sneaker right now?

In the past, we've highlighted the resell value of certain NMD models: The "O.G." pair is going for $1,250 on Flight Club, while the "Key City" version is at $1,000 on Stadium Goods, as well is the collaboration with Nice Kicks. With so many NMDs releasing, will the sneaker continue the hype wave it's established? The next few months will tell.

The win for Adidas with the NMD is that it highlights the brand's history and brings it into the future. The Yeezy bares little resemblance to previous sneakers from the brand, aside from its Boost sole. But the NMD borrows from three archival Adidas sneakers: The Rising Star, Micro Pacer, and Boston Super.

Either way, these high prices in secondary shops are marketing that Adidas doesn't have to pay for. While the brand may still be behind Nike in sales, this strategy certainly doesn't hurt Adidas' hope to grow to a point where they're challenging the Swoosh with their bank account.