Illustrations by David Park

College is the best. Those four years are most people’s longest extended stay away from home, which means it’s their first experience with true autonomy. While some aren’t ready for this type of responsibility, the rest of us were forced to find out what we were really made of and what type of self-policing one could do to maintain a civilized, responsible lifestyle. But guess what? That’s hard as hell when you’re in your late teens and early 20s, so best believe that worrying about whether you should eat that week-old slice of meat lover’s pizza is a much more important decision than what sneakers you're going to wear.

The many college activities call for a variety of types of footwear, but 1) There’s not enough space in dorm rooms to store a lot of pairs, and 2) Shoes ain’t cheap. That’s why you need to get your hands on sneakers that don’t fall apart. Let's be honest: all the partying, running around, and various activities will kill most sneakers. Luckily, some shoes are made to stand the test of time. Check out these sneakers that’ll stay with you from freshman orientation to graduation.