Whenever a new adidas Yeezy Boost is scheduled to release, sneaker collectors go above and beyond to secure a pair at retail price. Since camping out for sneakers is a thing of the past, skipping out on daily responsibilities like work or school to wait in line for days (or weeks) is replaced with entering every single raffle possible, simultaneously operating your laptops, tablets, and smartphones on release day, or buying a bot.

Yesterday, Sole Collector reported that New York retailer RISE was making hopeful collectors submit at 30 second freestyle rap on Twitter as part of their raffle for the "Light Grey" adidas Yeezy Boost 750s. While entering raffles is usually the easiest way to increase your chances at a pair, many sneakerheads are having a hard time channeling their inner-Kanye and the results are hilarious.

As serious as they are about winning a Yeezy raffle, the weak bars that are being submitted are horribly funny. We rounded up the 10 Most Hilarious Freestyle Raps from #RISEforYeezy. And if you're brave (or shameless) enough the contest is open until Friday, June 10 at noon.