LeBron’s signature line is 13 shoes deep now—hard to believe as that may seem—and every year Nike designers attempt to solve the same problem in new ways: how to make a shoe for someone so big, so strong, so fast. James is bigger than Barkley was, quicker than Penny was, and traditional methods don’t necessarily cut it. Following the first model they tried straps, they tried Foamposite, they tried straps again. For the sixth edition in 2008, designer Ken Link looked back to the Air Force 1, and created a LeBron that mirrored some of its iconic lines, only reinforced for LeBron’s unique game. The triple stitching across the midsole was a bit much for mere mortals, especially with shoes on the verge of slimming down in a major way. The line was rebooted the following season with the Air Max equipped LeBron 7, and nothing was the same. Russ Bengtson