Signature sneakers are supposed to be a way for a brand to leverage a superstar’s status into quick, easy sales. But things don’t always go as planned for footwear brands, and the shoes they create for the greatest NBA players can often become the subject of criticism or all-out laughter, much like Steph Curry’s “Chef” Curry 2 Lows from Under Armour. He’s not the only player, however, who’s had a shoe that’s been met with a negative reaction.

Some of the greatest NBA players have had duds in their sneaker lines. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant have all been given shoes that weren’t the coolest things out at the time. This happens for many reasons: Brands can get too progressive with a sneaker’s design or attempt to make lower-priced sneakers that just doesn't meet up with the standards of basketball fans. Whatever the case, people aren't feeling certain sneakers sometimes, and they voice it with their buying power or opinions.

Here are The Most Hated On Signature Sneakers of All Time.


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