Let's keep it real: This hasn’t been the best year for sneakers. It’s not that there haven’t been good sneakers released in the past six months, but it's that they've been few and far between. There’s been one "new" Yeezy release, a million colors of adidas’ wildly popular NMD, and a few other shoes that have been just OK.

There’s not one singular reason explaining why the sneaker world has felt mediocre as of late. Maybe it’s adidas “taking over” Nike? Maybe it’s the brands holding off their best releases until later this year? Or maybe it’s all of us looking for something new?

Although there’s complacency in the shoe world right now, Nike’s had a few strong options, adidas has continued to become the brand everyone's talking about, and sneaker fans said farewell to Kobe Bryant (for now).

With all of this going on in the past six months, here are The Best Sneakers of the Year (So Far). (Ed. note: Collaborations were excluded from the list, but you can see the best ones here.)