Sneaker collaborations have long existed as a way for brands to cross-pollinate and make special products that hopefully appeal to both parties’ dedicated fanbases. Whether it’s a rapper working with Nike, a sneaker boutique linking up with New Balance, or a streetwear brand connecting with adidas, they’ve all come together to make better—or at least different—shoes than the brand could by itself. And it’s become a booming business.

With so many collaborations on the market, it’s made the whole process feel a bit contrived and resulted in a lot of lackluster pairings. Let’s make things clear: A collaboration should make both partners better, not simply create buzz around a sneaker that no one cares about.

There was a time when people were genuinely excited about new collaborations. Nowadays, not so much. But, there are still great ones, even if they’re not nearly as special anymore. We still have faith, though, that brands are going to get these ventures right, and these are the ones that we co-sign in 2016. Here are The Best Sneaker Collaborations of 2016 (So Far).