Release Date: TBA
Price: $180

Aside from DIY “uncaging" projects, the most commonly seen adidas Ultra Boost custom is blacked out midsoles, specifically “Triple Black” colorways. That’s because, thus far, adidas Boost cushioning has only been offered in white, meaning that there’s no true “Triple Black” counterpart for the “Triple White” make up. The lack of an official release led to countless all-black customs, but, unfortunately, many DIYers found that their paint would begin to crack and deteriorate over time.

Adidas initially had admitted it was a challenge to produce a colored Boost foam without compromising the cushioning’s performance—hence the all-white capsules on every Boost sneaker thus far. However, it didn’t take long before images of NMDS and Ultra Boosts with colored midsoles started popping up online; some with black Boost, some with red, and the hype’s been building ever since.

A rumored “Triple Black Japan” NMD release was slated for June, but when the time came, they ended up releasing with a white Boost midsole. The difference between those and these “Triple Black” Ultra Boosts is that official images of the Ultra Boosts have already been loaded onto adidas’ website, meaning a release is only a matter of time at this point. In other words, it’s not if, but when they release. You can expect everyone else to be right there beside you trying to cop a pair.