An adidas store is making customers prove their brand loyalty to get their hands on this weekend's NMD releases. 

The "White O.G." adidas NMD PK is dropping overseas this weekend alongside a black colorway of the NMD City Sock, but adidas stores in Thailand aren't letting just anybody cop the coveted sneakers. According to a Facebook post, which was spotted by Coconuts, the stores will only sell the new NMD models to customers who are wearing a minimum of three adidas products.

That's not all, as the rules also state that the products must be an adidas top, an adidas bottom, and a pair of adidas sneakers—sandals and slides don't count.

Unsurprisingly, this decision hasn't gone over well with local sneakerheads, and the Facebook post has been met with a number of angry comments. However, during a "Glitch Camo" NMD launch last February, an adidas store in Thailand was the site of a dangerous rush for the sneakers that ultimately led to the store deciding not to open altogether. With this in mind, it sounds like this all-adidas-everything restriction is an attempt to corral the madness ahead of this weekend's drop.

Sneakerheads in the U.S. will have to wait for this group of NMDs to release later this summer.