Things are looking up for adidas shareholders, as the brand's year-to-date numbers are outperforming the competition by a long shot.

Portland Business Journal reporter Matthew Kish pointed out a year-to-date comparison between adidas, Nike, and Under Armour which some people may find surprising. Although Nike has been able to woo investors with huge quarterly earnings, its stock growth has been outperformed by both Under Armour and adidas.

As you'll see in this chart, Nike's numbers (represented in blue) have struggled to meet those of Under Armour (green) and adidas (red) so far this year. There was a moment in early January when all three brands were neck-and-neck, followed by a massive dip and even bigger recovery for Under Armour, but the other two brands have been more consistent: Nike's been moving steadily downward, while adidas continues to climb.

While it's difficult to pinpoint the exact causes for these market swings, it looks as though adidas' recent efforts to turn things around in North America have paid off handsomely. You can take a closer look at these numbers here