adidas is making more money than ever before, and it's even managed to turn things around in North America, an area that has long been its Achilles heel. Now, we're learning more about the brand's future plans for growth in America.

adidas North America head Mark King says that the brand has its sights set on top athletes in American sports, especially those in the NFL. King told Reuters that adidas hopes to have a total of 250 NFL players on its roster by the year 2020, adding an additional 155 names from its current stable of just 95. 

"When you do well in football in the United States, it is like doing well in soccer in Germany," King said, an allusion to adidas' history of success in Western Europe. "The more grounded that we are in America, in American sports, the more success we're going to have."

In addition to the NFL newcomers, adidas also wants to bring its total number of NBA deals to 100, up from 70 currently. Last year, the brand made headlines when it signed NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers and four-time NBA All-Star James Harden.