LeBron James has a way of making sure his name stays in the news. Whether it's his dominant on-court play, social media following habits, or sneaker game, we rarely go a day without him making headlines. This week he caught our attention with the mysterious sneakers that he was spotted in, and now we have a better idea of what they are. Wear Testers got access to them, and reports that they are the Nike Zoom Soldier Xs.

Rumors were starting that this could be a sneak peak to the XIIII, but the straps used on the upper are consistent with the Zoom Soldier series, so the report appears to check out. While we only got a glimpse of the black pair that he wore, we now have a closer look at a white and blue colorway, too. Details on these are limited, but the Zoom Soldier IX released last summer, so these could be on the way soon.