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Earlier this week, we took a look at some bizarre concept sneakers featured in Nike's Experiments in Natural Motion exhibition for Milano Design Week 2016, but it looks like those were only the beginning, because things are about to get a lot weirder.

As part of the Experiments in Natural Motion exhibit, Nike's created what it calls the Sensation Room, a project highlighting experimental designs that was spurred by the inspiration of the original Nike Free sneaker; running on grass. 

"We took this idea and translated it into cushioning concepts for the city. In New York, Tokyo, London and Paris, you're always on your feet," Nike Sportswear Design Director Nate Jobe said. "What if you could walk on any surface you wanted while being in a big city? Grass is a lot more forgiving than concrete."

The works of art see silhouettes like the Sock Dart and Air Presto get deconstructed 3D-printed, grass-inspired midsoles. Unfortunately, while they're all cool to look at, it doesn't sound like there are any plans to bring these concepts to retail—for now, that is.